Tony Andrade 2023 Sam Kinder Driver of the Year

It is with great pride that I announce Mr. Tony Andrade as the well-deserving recipient of the Sam Kinder Driver of the Year Award for the year 2023. Tony's outstanding contributions and dedication to excellence truly embody the spirit of this esteemed award.

Tony, originally from Gardena, CA, has expressed deep honor and gratitude upon receiving this recognition, even admitting that he hadn't considered himself in the running. Born into a military family, Tony's upbringing took him across the country. Currently residing in El Paso, TX, he is a devoted husband to Sabina and a loving father to three children – Kira, Elizabeth, and stepson Cody.


His journey with A.N. Webber began in November 2017, and since then, Tony has not only showcased exceptional driving skills but has also demonstrated a commitment to building a sense of camaraderie and family within our company. This dedication has not gone unnoticed, and it is a testament to Tony's character.

Moe Devine, our El Paso Terminal Manager, has spoken highly of Tony, stating, "Tony is one of our best driver trainers and is widely known as the most diligent inspector of equipment we have. So much so, that when he has been home for days, I have had him come to the terminal and inspect trailers on the yard."

As a 25-year Army veteran, Tony's dedication to his profession mirrors the discipline and commitment instilled during his military service. His three tours driving in Operation Iraqi Freedom showcase not only his expertise but also his unwavering sense of responsibility.

Beyond the road, Tony's diverse set of interests, from building furniture to playing basketball, working on cars, and engaging in soccer matches with his daughter Kira, make him a well-rounded individual. His commitment to training other drivers and maintaining connections with them even after their training exemplifies the family-oriented atmosphere we strive for at A.N. Webber.

For Tony, A.N. Webber isn't just a workplace; it's a family. His dedication to excellence, mirrored in his approach to life, follows the principles instilled by his father – always do your best, ask when in doubt, and treat your job like your home.


In an industry where dedication and reliability are paramount, Tony Andrade stands out as an exemplary professional, deserving of the Sam Kinder Driver of the Year accolade. A.N. Webber Inc. celebrates not just a skilled driver but a true family member who embodies the company's values and spirit.

Congratulations, Tony Andrade, on this well-deserved recognition!

Todd Perzee
A.N. Webber, Inc.

 Tony Accepting his Award

Tony and Everybody